Thursday, January 19, 2006

*My best friend*

The left picture is my best friend, Yoko, and the right one is a big stuffed animal, pooh, which both Yoko and I have in each house of Fukui. The time I met her for the first was in my high school days, and the first impression of her was not so good. She seemed very flamboyant and cold , so it was difficult to approach to her, but once I talked with her, we began to be frank each other. * *

  One day, Yoko and Iwent to a smal department store on our way home from school and found a very cute stuffed pooh. We were so deeply in love with the big pooh that we decided to buy and keep him in each our house. However Yoko and I live at a distance, we could keep the bonds of friendship thanks to *the pooh*.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

+Winter Break+

Hello every one!! Did you enjoy your winter break? I really enjoyed mine in my home town, Fukui. This picture is a station near Eiheiji in Fukui prefecture. How do you think about this snowy secene? I think it is very beautiful and I like it best. I love every snowy days, but I recommend you for the snow at night. In regions with heavy snowfall, the atmosphere outside is very cold, but the snow at night is so romantic. If you have a cance to visit Fukui, please enjoy watching snow at night.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

* Dressed for the weather *

Hello, everyone !! I hope you really enjoy this cold season! Anyway, I want tell you about my dress for my first winter in Osaka. Nowadays I'm always surprised at the weather and crimate in this area. I think the weather is too fine in spite of winter!! Don't you think so?? If you have lived in areas along the Japan Sea coats, you may agree with my opinion. In the areas including my hometown, snowy or rainy days continue for several weeks is not unusual in winter, so the sky is always gray, and people seldom see the sun. The weather was very severe, but I also miss it, so I'm planning to take white color which reminds me of the snow in my hometown in my fashion!! However, the winter vacation is just around the corner, and my going back there is also coming soon, so my plan might become useless. According to my mother in my hometown, now it is *snowing*heavily there . . . . . . . . ***

Friday, December 09, 2005

Everyday, I wake up to this image.

Drinking warter is part of my morning routine. Everymorning, when I wake up, I always feel my body dry, so first I go to my refrigetor and drink plenty of water. The water in every morning is effective for me in two ways. As mentioned above, one is wetting my body and throat. I think it is really necessary for human body. The other is waking up my mind. It is hard for me to wake up early in the morning, so I'm NOT cheerful everymorning, but I can brace myself up thanks to the water. Without drinking water in every morning, I could NOT live!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

My favorite color

My favorite color is pale pink. I like pink, but I don't like ordinary pink and deep pink. Even ordinary pink is a little too deep and hot color for me. Especially, I prefer the color of the Japanese cherry blossoms. Have you ever been to look hard at the blossoms? A color to look at near is diiferent from a color to look at in the distance. If you look at the blossoms nearby, the color looks to be pale pink or even white. If you look at them from a distance, it looks real pink. It's very interesting!! There are various kinds of colors of pink, but I like pale pink the best of all the pinks .

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I really think our campus is very beautiful and clean!! Although this university has a lot of students and staffs, there are few garbage. Anyway, I want to talk about the symbles of our campus. In our campus, there are many symbolic things such as a red tower, a big fountain, and a circular stage, but I suppose that almost all of the students don't know the other symbols. Do you know the Jpanese garden and a pond called "Nihon-mantai-ike," and where they are in this university? Unfortunetly, these Japanese symbols are behind the building of the international department and were hiden by trees, so it's a little difficult to find them. I think we should make use of the good facility more!! I want many students to get to know them.(^-^)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Staying warm

Winter is my favorite season, in spite of its coldness. This is my electric stove, which is indispensable for staying warm in winter. It is not so big, but it has warmed my room on every cold day for three years. This stove's role is not only warming up but also humidifying. It gives off steam from the left hole. Winter is also dry season. I think dried air causes some troubles such as cold and ageing of the skin, so this function is very useful for me. I suppose this excellent heater will be my best partner in this winter too.